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Swor Law prides itself on fighting for our client's rights and justice throughout the legal process. Our attorneys are frequently called upon to serve as counsel for clients seeking appeal of sentencing. Whether your case is before the District Court to Circuit Court, Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals, the Court of Appeals to the Michigan Supreme Court, or the  federal court/ U.S. District Court, our experienced team of legal experts work to deliver justice and fairness to our clients.

The appellate attorneys of Swor Law Firm are experienced in providing clients with assistance and guidance through the appeal process in areas of:

  • poor representation by counsel
  • errors of criminal charges
  • constitutional rights violations
  • newly discovered evidence
  • wrongful convictions
  • motions to suppress
  • errors in the chain of evidence
  • trials conduct errors
  • jury tampering or mistakes in jury instruction
  • excessive guideline computations

Federal courts allow convicted persons to seek fairness and justice after courts have decided a case, offering defendants a means to continue fighting their conviction. Federal trial courts (called U.S. District Courts) address appeals from state courts, which can, eventually make their way to the highest court in the United States, the U.S. Supreme Court. Federal trial courts are not immune from error. Mistakes made in U.S. District Court can be appealed to the federal Court of Appeals, which, in Michigan, is the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Decisions from the federal Court of Appeals can be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court is very selective about what cases to accept on appeal and typically only considers about 100 appeals per year.

If your case was resolved with a guilty plea, you have a right to challenge the decision and sentencing through the appellate court system. Contact Swor Law to challenge your sentence and get the help you need to ensure your sentence is fair and just.

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