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The attorneys at the Law Offices of William Swor have decades of experience in handling criminal cases in the courts throughout Michigan State, including years on the prosecution side. When charged with a crime in Michigan or even if you are under investigation by a District Attorney’s office, you want the best, most experienced criminal attorneys on your side to fight for your freedom, your reputation and your future.

Our clients hire us because they hope to and expect to win their cases – and our record shows that we win Michigan trials, we get serious Michigan cases dismissed on motions and we work out very favorable plea deals for clients charged with major felonies in Michigan. This is not done magically; instead, through an exhaustive approach to pretrial investigation and with extensive and creative legal research we can take the sting out of many criminal cases before the case gets to trial. And if a case does go to trial we don’t just talk the talk – we win. We win because our clients expect to win and we expect to win. Our victories are not limited to relatively minor misdemeanor cases but include some of the biggest and most high profile felony cases in Michigan with clients facing decades in prison. But we use the same strategies and zealous advocacy for all our cases, large and small, because the same result is desired: to win and get you your life back.

Our practice is nearly entirely limited to criminal defense work with decades of fighting such cases throughout Michigan.

Our clients are charged with all white collar crimes, non-violent and property crimes, fraud, violent crimes including assault and murder, weapons offenses, identity theft, narcotics and marijuana offenses, DWI/DUI crimes, domestic violence and sex offenses, juvenile crimes, identity theft, cyber crimes and probation violations. The firm also deals with Desk Appearance Tickets, Bench Warrants, Expungement and Sealing issues.

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